China Glaze – Rose among thorns (Review)

This is a rich, dark, fuchsia coloured polish by China Glaze.

Consistency/Formula: Smooth, thin formula.
Application/Opacity: Applies smoothly but requires many many coats to cover the nail fully due to the thin formula.
Brush: Standard
Packaging: Visually appealing
Polish finish: Semi-matte
Con: Misleading polish finish, and requires too many coats to cover the nail.
Extra: This polish claims to contain nail hardeners. I’m not sure if my nails have become harder after using this polish as I tend to change my polish and polish brand frequently, but I don’t think it’s done any damage so that’s a plus lol.

Conclusion: I love, love, love the colour of this polish however I really dislike the fact that it requires tooooo many coats to cover the nail and it should dry with a satin finish but it dries to a semi-matte instead.


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