Orly – Glowstick (Review)


Glow baby glow. Today I’m going to review the polish Glowstick by Orly. This is a bright, neon, highlighter yellow nail polish.

Consistency/Formula: Smooth, thin formula
Application/Opacity: Applies smoothly but requires many many coats to cover the nail fully due to the thin formula.
Brush: Standard
Packaging: Love the look of the bottle. The grips on the side of the lid adds a nice touch. Visually appealing.
Polish finish: Neon
Extra: 3-Free: No DBP, Formaldehyde, Toluene
Con: Requires too many coats to cover the nail on its own.
Conclusion: Apart from the beautiful bright neon colour, great for summer. It’s not my favourite polish. The fact that I have to layer it over a white polish for full opacity or else I end up applying like 2897837499 coats and it smudges before it even dries, IF it dries, doesn’t make up for it.


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