Revlon – Provoke (Review)

Smooth coral polish by Revlon in Provoke, ‘Brilliant Strength’ collection.

Consistency/Formula: Streaky, thick formula
Application/Opacity: Applies smoothly, requires only 1-2 coats for full opacity. The first coat is a bit streaky at first but when it evens out as it dries.
Brush: Wider than the standard brush size.
Packaging: Medium appeal.
Polish finish: Creme.
Extra: None.
Con: Becomes ‘cakey’ and goopie if more than a few coats are applied. Also, where it says ‘Revlon’ on the base of the lid, doesn’t line up with the logo on the front of the bottle for some reason. Not a big deal, but still something to note.
Conclusion: I really like the application of this polish as it only requires 1 -2 coats of polish (you can get away with just 1) and the colour, oh my the colour, such a beautiful coral shade. This polish dries quickly and evenly and only started to chip after 3 days.


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