Nails Inc. Leather Effect – Noho

Nails Inc. - Noho

Hey guys,
I’m back with another lovely review :p. Today I will reviewing Nails Inc. Leather Effect in Noho.

Background: I found this polish at my local drugstore and I was so excited to try it! I am a fan of Nail Inc. polishes and I was really curious to see what this ‘Leather effect’ was all about.

Application: Anywho so I tried it out the other day by applying 2 coats of the polish. At first I was pretty skeptical because I was wondering if it would really look like leather buuuut long and behold after the first coat, the ‘leather effect’ started to take shape! lol, it was very realistic and I am definitely impressed. It’s a beautiful, rich black colour and I would use it again. The only negative thing I can really say is that it chips very very quickly and very very easily. Probably due to the fact that putting on a anti-chip top coat would ruin the ‘leather effect.’ At first glance, the effect isn’t that noticeable but if someone looks more closely, the ‘leather effect’ is definitely there.

Overall: Not my go-to black polish but I will definitely use it again.

Rating: 4 stars

Product details:
Consistency/Formula: Gritty, semi-thick.
Application/Opacity: Smooth, uniform application. Consistency is thick so only 1 or 2 coats are needed to become opaque.
Packaging: Visually appealing, nice ‘leather’ material on the cap.
Polish finish: Gritty
Extra: None.


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