Quo by Orly – Falling Star (Review)

Quo by Orly in Falling Star

Hey friends. Today I will be reviewing Quo by Orly in Falling Star. This is a silver super glittery, shimmery polish that just makes me smile when I look at it lol.

Background: I’ve never heard of this polish before, but that silver shimmer just drew me to it saying “look at me, buy me!”

Application: At first, I applied about 2 coats of polish over unpolished nails however the silver glitter barely showed up so I ended up applied nearly 6 coats and the glitter was still barely visible! Because of that, the polish was nearly impossible to dry. I later removed the polish coats and applied a silver creme-finish polish as a base followed by 2 coats of the Quo by Orly silver glitter polish. The results were phenomenal. The glitter was so much more visible and memorizing on top of the silver polish base.

Overall: I do love the silver shimmer which looks absolutely stunning in direct sunlight, buuuuut I didn’t love that it almost imperative to use a coloured-base polish underneath in order for the shimmer/glitter to show up. I found the polish formula to be a bit misleading considering the amount of silver glitter in it. It seems as though that amount of glitter should cover the whole nail bed and become opaque on its own but that was not the case. O well.

Rating: 2.5 stars

Product details:
Consistency/Formula: Smooth, not too thin or thick.
Application/Opacity: Smooth, uniform application. Goes on semi-clear like a top coat.
Packaging: Visually appealing.
Polish finish: Semi-clear with a soft glitter finish
Extra: None.


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