Sinful Colours – Dream on (review)

Sinful Colours - Dream On

Hey guys,

New review coming up for you! Today I will be reviewing “Dream on” by Sinful Colours. I picked it up from Walmart one day because I just fell in love with the colour! It’s like a bright violet/fuscia colour and stands out very nicely. Looked pretty promising and the price was dirt cheap lol so hey why not.

First impression: So as per usual, I applied my base coat to protect my nails. Next I applied the first coat of the polish. The first coat was pretty light and streaky but after I applied the second coat the colour became darker and truer to the shade. Still a very streaky polish but the colour is fantastic. One thing that threw me off was the polish dried matte which I did not expect considering there was no indication of that on the label.

Conclusion: Not my fave nail polish at all. I really didn’t like that it dried matte when I was expected a shiny creme finish, and it was way too streaky. That being said…loveee the colour lol.

Rating: 2.5


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