OPI – Centre of the You-niverse (review)

OPI- Centre of the you-niverse

Hey guys, today I’m going to be reviewing Opi’s Centre of the You-niverse nail polish from their Holiday 2015 Starlight Collection. I picked this up the other day and I have to say I wasn’t completely impressed :(.

First impression: I’m a fan of black nail polish so naturally I try to find different variations of black nail polish. This one seemed pretty promising since it has different types of glitter in it unlike most plain black polish. In this polish there’s bits of black glitter as well as tiny specs of silver glitter shimmer. So I though ok cool, so let’s try it. The result was not what I expected.

Application: The formula was pretty thin so I had to apply multiple coats before it became opaque. After applying the first coat you can see the little bits of black glitter but they disappear as soon as a second and third coat is added. By the third coat I was able to notice the silver shimmer which was ok but they didn’t really stand out. The next thing is that when the nail polish dried, the texture it had was very gritty. I thought this was kind of odd because typically shimmer/glitter polish don’t create a gritty texture like this one did.

Conclusion: The overall result wasn’t too bad but definitely not my favorite and probably not worth the $10-$12 price tag (luckily I got it on sale lol).

Have any of you tried this polish? What do you think? Submit your review!



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