The Complete List of Indie Nail Polish


The complete list of Indie Nail Polish Brands

Updated: October 2018

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On this page, I will keep a complete list of all active and up-to-date indie nail polish brands in alphabetical order for you.
It will be updated as I go on and hopefully you will find this list helpful and discover some new awesome polishes. Listings will link to the indie nail polish brand website and/or etsy shop.

Side Note: “Indie Nail Polish Brands” refers to nail polish brands/shops that are independently owned as in not owned by the larger mainstream brands such as OPI, Essie, Sally Hansen, etc. Typically these polishes are handmade and/or operated from home or small lab.

I will keep this list as complete as possible but if I have missed any, please feel free to let me know either through the comment box below this page or email me!

* Please keep in mind I am not endorsing any of these indie nail polish personally nor am I receiving any compensation for these listings, this is simply a resource for anyone looking for indie polish brands. You are welcome to reshare and link to this page :).

*All Listings are U.S. Based unless otherwise indicated.*




















Sassy Sauce Polish
Sayuri Nail Lacquer
Scofflaw Varnish
Sea Lore Polish
Serendipity Polish – Closed
Serum No5!
Shine Nail Polish
Seven Sisters Mercantile
Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer
Shimmer Polish
Shiny Nail Polish
Shleee Polish
Simply Beautiful
Siren’s Call
Slick Lacquer
Smokey Mountain Lacquers
Smudged Polish
SoGa Soap (Canada)
Sonoma Nail Art – Hiatus
Space Time Travels – Hiatus
Sparkle Nail Lacquer
Special Ones Lacquer
Spectrum Cosmetics
Spellbound Nails
Squishyface Polish – Hiatus
Starlight and Sparkles
Stella Chroma
Sugar Flor – Hiatus
Super Black Laccquer
Supermoon Lacquer
Super Nails
Supernatural Lacquer
Superficially Colorful (Israel) – Closed
Sweet Heart Polish
Sweet and Sour Lacquer



  • None.








  1. / 11:26 pm

    This will be great! A few off the top of my head: The Don Deeva, Supermoon Lacquer (or The Howling Boutique), Sugar Flor (Bigcartel, not etsy)

    • / 11:46 pm

      Some more: Chaos & Crocodiles, Contrary Polish, CrowsToes, Dreamland Lacquer, Fancy Gloss, Illyrian, Lacquester (Dutch), Lilypad Lacquer (Australia), Nail Hoot, Nine Zero, Powder Perfect (Australia), Scofflaw, Sea Lore, Seventy Seven, Too Fancy, Polish ‘M, Blush Lacquer, Ms. Sparkle.

      Hope you don’t mind the help. 🙂

      • / 12:18 am

        O no I don’t mind at all, keep em’ coming :p! Thanks love xox

  2. / 12:32 am

    Great list!!! Here are few more for you.
    Paint it Pretty ( Canada) , POP polish, Oh My Jewels, Quixotic, Space Time Travel,

  3. Judy Periera
    / 2:22 am

    My top three brands…Polished for Days, Sweet and Sour Lacquer and Virago Varnish. Also Blush Lacquer, LE Polish, Pepper Pot Polish, Supernatural Lacquer.

    Thanks for doing this! There are just so many amazing brands available…

  4. Nimi
    / 7:47 am

    Oooh there’s so many I haven’t tried yet! 😍😍😍

    Some from the UK: Princess Nail Lacquer, Danglefoot, ‘Ard as Nails, wikkid polish, Mrs Cross’ Nail Shop, Glitter Baby Nails

    • / 6:51 pm

      Yup! So so many to choose from haha :D. Thank you for your submissions, they’ve been added!

  5. / 8:47 am

    Add Blush Lacquers, Nailed It Hawaii, Flirtin’, All Mixed Up Lacquer, BravesDiva Polish, Pretty Beautiful Unlimited .. that’s all I can think of for now!

  6. Nessie
    / 12:33 pm

    Sadly, Emerald & Ash doesn’t seem to be active anymore – their website is still up and running, but you can’t add anything to your cart.

    • / 6:40 pm

      That shop has been removed. Thank you!

  7. Amy
    / 1:59 pm

    OMG, This is amazing! Looks like my nail polish collection just got bigger. Bookmarked and shared!

  8. Lacy Joy
    / 12:55 am

    Virago Varnish, A-England, Bear Pawlish?

    • Lacy Joy
      / 1:17 am

      Thanku so much for this list btw! This is absolutely amazing!

      • Lacy Joy
        / 1:23 am

        Another I thought of…………..I-Scream-Polish and Illimité.

  9. Courtney
    / 6:06 pm

    Rise and shine cosmetics 😍

  10. Jo
    / 5:39 am

    Il Était Un Vernis from France! And I don’t see A England on the list – my favourite brand.

  11. / 8:06 pm

    Wildflower Lacquer is my polish shop , I just opened back in February so I’m not super well known yet. ☺️

  12. Sherri
    / 1:25 pm

    Sassy Sauce Polish

  13. Nicole
    / 10:57 pm

    I don’t see Superchic Lacquer on here 💖. Thanks for posting this!

  14. Taylor
    / 11:16 pm

    Hey there! I didn’t see Wildflower Lacquer added. My shop is 🤗 thanks!

  15. AJ
    / 11:23 pm

    Some missing UK brands to add here:

    Cienna Rose
    AJ Nails Collection
    Coze Nail Polish
    Prism Polish
    For Your Nails Only
    Elune by Emily
    Polished Potions
    Little Fudges Beauty Shop
    Toxic Nailz
    Dragon Dreads Nails
    Livoliv Cosmetics
    De’lish Nails London
    Tipperary Cosmetics
    Opulent Essences
    Oh My Polish
    Nimy Nails

    Additionally, Danglefoot is currently open, and Princess Nail Lacquer are closed.

  16. AJ
    / 11:32 pm

    Oops, forgot one. Radioactive Unicorn. There’s also Sparklea and Pretty Perfect Polish, both of whom are on indefinite hiatus.

  17. Janet
    / 7:06 am

    Not sure if they’re an indie or not but Little Ondine do some great peel off varnishes

  18. / 4:13 pm

    Hello, could you add my line to your list please? SHINE nail polish?

    Thanks, Jason

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