Urthbox Subscription Box (review)

Urthbox Subscription Box

Urthbox Subscription Box (review) – My experience

Hey guys, so I decided to be a bit healthier this year and start consuming less sugars, fats, etc. you know, the good stuff. Anyone who knows me, knows I love candy, chips, pizza, fries, and pretty much anything fatty, greasy and extra sugaryyy lol. Anyway, this transition to healthier food choices was difficult for me because It was hard to find healthier options that weren’t going to blow up my bank account and that I would actually enjoy. I did a little research online and found a few healthy foods subscription boxes. Urthbox had the best options for me and I decided to try it.

Urthbox is a monthly healthy foods subscription box which features 4 options for snacks: Classic, Vegan, Diet, and Gluten-free. Every snack is GMO-free, organic, and natural. You can choose 1 month, 3-month, or 6-month subscription, and the pricing varies quite a bit for each. You can also choose what “size” box you’d like each month- mini, small, medium, large. For my first order, I chose the 3-month vegan mini option which had about 7 snacks.

Urthbox Subscription Box

Qancha – Air toasted heirloom corn snack

I would literally eat this every day if I could. It’s soooo delicious. It’s basically unpopped popcorn and it’s so satisfying. 3 simple ingredients: corn, avocado oil, and sea salt. Perfect for popcorn lovers. 5 out of 5

Green Pea Cookie

It’s exactly what you think it is – green pea flavoured cookies. It basically tastes like a green pea flavoured shortbread cookie that’s really salty. It actually even has a whole green pea right in the middle. Cute idea and not that bad of a taste. The only thing I really didn’t like was the fact that there is dye in it. I’m typically not a fan or dyes in my foods but if you don’t mind that, than it doesn’t matter. 2 out of 5

Peas Please by Peeled Snacks in Garden herb

1 word – DELICIOUS. This was the first snack I tried from the box and wow I was pleasantly impressed. They are is kind of like healthy chips lol. Very tasty and uses simple ingredients that are pronounceable lol. Baked, organic, crunch, and oh so tasty yumm. 5 out of 5

Paddington Bear Orange Marmalade flavoured banana chips

First impression I was like omg Paddington Bear! So cute! 90s baby nostalgia over here lol. But um I think it was a good idea to try to go ahead  with the creation of this product but I definitely did not enjoy this one. Unfortunately I really did not like the taste at all. It was sweet on the outside, like candy but once I bite into the banana centre it just went downhill from there. The flavours to me just do not go. The great thing about this snack however is that it is preservative-free, peanut free, gluten-free, additive free.  1 out of 5

Sunshine Protein – 100% plant-based protein in chocolate

I haven’t had the chance to try this one yet because Im not really a fan of protein powders but I will eventually and report back. The ingredients look very promising as they are mostly all natural. yesss.

Xylichew in Cinnamon

So so yummy. It tastes like Im actually chewing cinnamon bark. This gum claims to be made with Xylitol which is a naturally occurring sugar as opposed to artificial sweeteners and flavours. The only thing I would say is that the flavour does not last long at all. After maybe a minute, the cinnamon flavour fades and your just chewing something with no flavour lol. 4 out of 5

Giddy up & go granola

Last but not least, the healthiest trail mix you can find. This mix is certified gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. Unfortunately because this snack is manufactured in a peanut and nut facility I was not able to try it due to my allergy. That being said, my sister tried it for me and she loveddd it. It was her favourite out of all the snacks. This mix features, granola, raisins, sesame seeds, pumpkin seas, sunflower seeds, and basically just a bunch of seeds. No excessive amount of sugar, just seeds and granola mixed together. 5 out of 5

Conclusion: Overall, I was very impressed with the box I got this month and Im excited to see what I will be getting next month. Is it worth the money, Id say yes especially if you have USD. At the moment the CAD conversion rate is pretty terrible so you would basically be paying double for the box but just to try it out for now, Id say go for it.

I got the coups!

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