Zoya – Opal (Review)

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Hello, hello, hellooooo. Today I will be reviewing Zoya nail polish in Opal from the 2012 Fleck Effect Collection. After using this polish I have to say, I loveeee “Flakies”

Background: When I bought this polish, I actually hadn’t heard of “Flakies” before. I was drawn to its iridescent nature and the beautiful light green colour.

Application: I applied about 2 coats over a white base and then applied it again over a black base. This polish applied over a black base really brings out the holographic effect. It goes on really smooth and easy. Even though there is a lot of bits of the holographic glitter, the formula is not gritty. This polish definitely looks best over a coloured base.

Overall: I am for sure a fan. There are 2 other polishes like this one (a blue and a pink) from the Fleck Effect collection, and I am on the search to get them all! Muhuhahaha.

Rating: 5 stars

Product details:
Consistency/Formula: Smooth, not too thin or thick.
Application/Opacity: Smooth, uniform application. Goes on semi-clear (top coat).
Packaging: Visually appealing.
Polish finish: Holographic
Extra: Like all Zoya polishes, this polish is ‘3-FREE’. No Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Dibutyl Phthalate.


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