Nail art stickers – (review)

Born Pretty Store Nail art Stickers

Product: 1 Sheet Flower Grid Nail Wraps Full Nail Sticker #23230 in YM1027

Hey all, I’m back with a review for Born Pretty Store nail art stickers in YM1027. These stickers were sent to me to review and I have to say I love this pack. What really drew me to these stickers is the fact that they feature a unique blue checkered pattern that really stands out. I haven’t seen anything like these. I’m not 100% a fan of nail art stickers as most of the time the patterns can easily be done with regular polish at a fraction of the cost but in this case, because this pattern is so unique, they’re worth the buy. The next thing I don’t love about nail stickers is that they can sometimes be difficult to get a pack that has the right size to fit each nail and that won’t crease when applied.

Application: So the first thing I did was “eyeball” which nail art sticker would fit each nail the best and went from there. I applied the first sticker to my ring finger and it fit pretty well. I folded the free edge of the sticker over my nail and snipped off the excess with mini scissors. After that I used a nail art brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the edges. I repeated these steps for each nail. That’s it. Super quick and super easy.

The Loves: The pattern. It’s so unique and can’t be found at your local drug store. I’m actually in love with this pattern right now lol. I’m wondering if I can recreate it with regular nail polish…hmm…

The Cons: The package says the stickers are to last 7 days but they lasted one solid day before peeling. They started to completely peel off by day 3. Another thing I found is that it was difficult to cover the nail without getting visible creases in the sticker. Not a huge deal, but I’d rather they didn’t leave creases lol.

Conclusion: I probably wouldn’t try these nail stickers again just because I already had my reservations about nail stickers in the first place and these didn’t really change my mind. I do think these would be great for people who do like them as they are effective for what they claim: a fast, no dry-time manicure. It honestly took me less that five minutes to apply these stickers which was pretty awesome, and hey no drying time!

Rating: 3.5

You can get the nail art stickers here for only $2.86 – FREE SHIPPING

Born Pretty Store Nail art Stickers

Born Pretty Store Nail art Stickers

Check out my video on how I applied these stickers below!


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    Who would have thought there were so many different types of nail polish. I actually love it because it makes me feel special, or all dressed up, it adds the polished effect!

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