The Complete Guide To Creating Your Media Kit

LTMP Media Kit - How-to

Everything you need to know about how to make a media kit and work with your dream brand! (+ FREE template included)

So I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how to go about working with brands and where to start, so I’ve decided to write a little resource for those who are at the point in their blog “game” where they’d like to start reaching out to brands (either for sponsorships, product samples for review, collaborations, giveaway/contest prizes, etc.). One of the key elements to doing so is having a solid, great looking media kit. Really put the work in this one. I mean really put in the work. If your blog is about beauty or anything that’s related to aesthetics, you need to make sure your media kit reflects that. Have all the necessary information and make it look GOOD.

What is a media kit?

It is typically a digital document (either as text or image) that represents you and your brand in a professional manner. A media kit allows you the opportunity to let brands know who you are and what you do. It’s almost like a mini commercial – highlight all the good and why a brand needs you.

 Step 1 – That Storm in Your Brain

Yea. This might be the part that takes the most time above everything else. Write down everything in a physical or digital notebook that your blog is about what you want to let brands know about you. That means…

  • Getting your best/most interesting blog images together
  • Blog/Channel Logo
  • A short paragraph about you
  • Define your niche (Do you focus on hair tutorials? Department store makeup? Freehand nail art?  Makeup looks for women 50+? Simple DIY crafts? Luxury fashion and accessories? Blah Blah Blah, you get the point.)
  • What types of series or episodes (if any) that you offer on your blog
  • List of brands you’ve worked with in the past
  • Of course – the stats.
    • Page views per month (You can use Awstats if you have a blog (located in your cPanel if you are using self-hosted WordPress), or Google Analytics for Youtube Channels and other blog platforms)
    • Number of unique visitors on average per month
    • Who’s demographic? (Teens 13 – 17? Women 18-35? Men 50+?, etc.)
    • Number of Subscribers or followers
  • Blog or channel awards you’ve won
  • Social Media Accounts that you use (Tip: Try to list accounts that have at least 500 – 1000 followers, otherwise leave it out. That being said, if you have lower numbers but you know your following is strong and “ride-or-die”, then include it and mention that! )
  • Testimonials (This can be from blog comments, emails from your following, etc.)

Step 2 – Putting it all together

So you have all your info that you need, now it’s time to put everything together in an order that makes sense. You can pretty much be as creative as you like here in terms of what information you’d like to put where. Make sure to include all the information about your blog and/or yourself that stands out and really puts your best face forward…literally. Check the out the free template I’ve created below for an example of how you can position your content.

Step 3 – How to Send your Media Kit

Give a little brief intro about yourself and your blog/channel and then embed the image into the email. Make it take the least amount of work as possible for the person receiving your email. Always send as a .PDF if you need to send it as a attachment. NEVER JUST SEND THE DOCUMENT. Once you’ve attached or embedded the image or .pdf, in the body of the email, introduce yourself and why you are messaging this particular brand. Have you been using their product for like…ever? Have been following them for a while and really admire them? Why does this brand stand out to you among all else. Be genuine and be as detailed as possible (but don’t make it too long).

FREE Media kit Template Download (MS Word)




  1. You can do this. Don’t get discouraged because you think your content is not good enough or you don’t think you’re “there yet”. Try. Try and see what happens. The worst thing is you’ll get a “No” or no reply, but you have not lost anything. And hey, it either wasn’t meant to be or you can try again, but always keep it moving. Rejection can be difficult but you never know, maybe it was keeping you from a bad experience. That being said, be REALISTIC and REAL. If you haven’t been putting much effort, or taking things seriously, and/or don’t have a solid following yet, I would not recommend approaching brands just yet.
  2. If you get a “no”, ask why (if a reason was not initially given). You can learn where you could improve for the next time.
  3. If you don’t get a reply after a while (and by while, I mean a few weeks), resend it. Sometimes emails get lost or forgotten. You can also try contacting another person or use a different form of contact i.e. social media. If you still don’t get a reply after several attempts, maybe move on haha. Don’t want it to turn into harassment.

Yay, you’re done! Woot, woot! Now get out there, and work with your dream brand :D.

LTMP Media Kit - How-to




  1. / 3:30 pm

    Some amazing tips and thanks for the template. I’ve been looking into updating my media kit ❤️

  2. / 3:36 pm

    Creating anything in a professional manner will put you in a different position in the business world, both online and offline. Have a template to work to is a good way of cutting corners and getting straight to the place you need to be!

    Enjoy the journey!

  3. Autum
    / 5:28 pm

    This post is great timing! I’ve been working on my media kit and have been a little nervous to reach out to brands. I’ve worked with brands through influenster but now I’m ready to work with brands more related to my nich

  4. / 9:40 pm

    This is literally exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for these tips and download!


  5. This is extremely helpful! I was learned what a media kit was recently and it’s crazy how important it is for bloggers to have. Especially if they want to work with reputable brands. I just recently started blogging so I’m not quiet at the point where I have a reason to send out a media kit but I’m bookmarking this download for when I need one. Thank you!

  6. Maya
    / 10:58 pm

    Hey thanks so much for these tips! I’m am still just beginning and I don’t know if my blog is strong enough to get the products that I want. Also, I just did my first Youtube video so, I don’t think book stores will be helping me out any time soon. This was so helpful though because now I can start crafting a plan. Didn’t even know what a media kit was before this article! I’ll be reading it again when my pages are ready!

  7. / 2:50 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing this, you gave great tips. I have been wanting to start a media kit, but I still feel my stats aren’t as strong as I would like them to be. I might wait a little bit and try later. But I will definitely be coming back to this post when I do! Thanks!


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