Trendy Nails by The Face Shop (review)

Trendy Nails by The Face Shop

If you’re a fan of affordable, excellent quality nail polish, then this nail polish line is for you. Trendy Nails by The Face shop is one of my favourite lines of nail polish and products. The colours are rich and opaque. I don’t need to apply a billion coats to cover the nail (even for the light shades!), it’s amaaazing <3.

I own a number of polishes from this brand but today I will be reviewing a few of my most recent purchases: GLI029 (GLITTER), WH002 (WHITE), GR503 (GREEN), BL610 (BLUE).

  1. GLI029 (GLITTER): At first I wasn’t too keen on this particular glitter shade but I decided to try it any way and I actually really liked how it came out. It’s not too gritty because there’s not too much glitter and the colour isn’t too deep. It’s very subtle. For this polish tho, I did have to use about 4 or 5 coats to completely cover the nail but it wasn’t a huge deal because it still dried in a decent amount of time, no smudging! Overall: 3/5
  2. WH002(WHITE): I was incredibly impressed with this polish and I’ll tell you why. Most white nail polish either applies wayyyy too transparent even after applying several hundred coats or comes out really chalky and streaky looking. This polish was neither. It applies so smooth, I only had to apply 2 coats and done. This is definitely my go-to white nail polish. Overall: 5/5
  3. GR503(GREEN): I was drawn to this green polish because I haven’t seen a shade like it before. Most green nail polish I see are lime-green, or neon green, or vomit green lol. This one is more of a forest green which is o so lovely. I only applied 2 coats and the nail is completely covered. The shade and the quality is everything on this one. Overall: 5/5
  4. BL610 (BLUE): Again, such a unique shade. This is like a jean-coloured blue which I don’t see much. I was hesitant about it first because I figured it would be a very transparent formula but it wasn’t at all. Much like the polish from this line, I only needed to apply 2 coats. Love the shade and ease of application. These polishes dry to quickly too! Overall: 5/5

Conclusion: I’m a huge fan of this line of polish as you might have been able to tell from my IG page lol! But again, if you’re looking for quality and affordability, this line is a must buy.

Disclaimer: This is a review from my own personal purchases, I was not endorsed or paid to review these products.

You can find more nail polish and skin care products from this line here: The Face Shop


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  1. LOVE this post and so glad you’re feeling better. Write your heart out. We can’t wait to read what’s next. (yes, I’m speaking for all of your readers because who *doesn’t* adore you?)  xo!

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