Bright Leopard Print Nail Art (Tutorial)

Bright Leopard Print Nail Art

Bright Leopard Print Nail Art – The Tutorial

I know it’s the fall, but I’m feeling something a little less seasonal and a little more colourful! Yessir, I’m talking bright, bright colourful nails. I haven’t done leopard print for a while and I think it’s time to take the claws out and get some prints going.

What you’ll need:

  • Your Fave Base Coat
  • Sally Hansen in ‘Bare it All’
  • Color Club in Warhol
  • Sally Hansen in ‘Ripple in Time’
  • OPI in ‘Need Sunglasses?’
  • A dotting tool OR toothpick
  • Your Fave Topcoat

How to

  • STEP 1
    • First things first you know I gotta go in with my fave base coat, Sally Hansen’s Green Tea & Bamboo Strength.
  • STEP 2
    • Next paint each nail a different colour. You can use any colour you wish but I’m using Sally Hansen in ‘Bare it All’ on the index finger, Color Club in Warhol on the middle finger, Sally Hansen in ‘Ripple in Time’ on the ring finger, and of course OPI in ‘Need Sunglasses?’ on the pinky. These nail polishes are all 1-2 coaters so that works well if you want to do some art on top.
  • STEP 3
    • Now for the fun part. Take your dotting tool OR tooth pick (whichever you prefer) and dip it into your black nail polish. For black nail polish I’m using ‘Midnight Mischief’ by Painted Polish because it is a super pigmented black and worked the best for this design.
  • STEP 4
    • Next, make little squiggles and dots in your desired pattern. *TIP* Rest your ‘painting’ wrist or elbow on something sturdy to keep your arm steady when making the pattern.
  • STEP 5
    • Once your done with the leopard print pattern, add you top coat! I’m using Seche Vite.



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