Generation Beauty by Ipsy – Toronto 2017

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Generation Beauty by Ipsy Toronto 2017

I’m going to be giving you the full lowdown of Generation Beauty in Canada this year at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto – pros, cons, and the whole shebang.

I was super excited when I found out that Gen Beauty was not only taking place in Canada, but in my hometown of Toronto! It was a no-brainer that I just had to go. Luckily enough I was able to get my tickets early so I got a discounted rate which was perfect.

I attended the event with my sister this year and as soon as we got there we had to register and we were given ID badges and a brands list sheet. On the brand sheet, is a tic-tac-toe style chart showing where each brand’s booth was located. Each booth had a freebie. Basically the main purpose of this event is to stand in line for freebies and also buy product if you want, haha.

After registration, we were lead to another booth where we got our grab bags. Now, these grab bags are smaller than the ones given out at the US conventions but still filled with some awesome goodies. That being said, we were determined not to sort through it until AFTER the convention lol. Once we stepped into the main room where the convention was held, all we saw was pink lol, people, and brand booths. It was honestly a wonderland.

First stop, the Gomee brand booth. Their freebie was the Gomee hair bands. Super cute. Most of the brand booths just give the freebie outright, but at some of the booths you have to do an activity to get the freebie. For example, NYX’s booth required attendees to follow them on Instagram and take of selfie at their booth and post to social media. Other booths like Absolute New York, required you to play a little game first. Either way you have to still wait in line but you do get a prize at the end!

We were probably at the event for 5 hours or so but it really didn’t feel that long. We had so much fun filming and absorbing the energy and excitement.

It is a two-day event but if you aren’t particularly looking out to meet an influencer on day 2 or you already got what you wanted on day 1, it’s not necessary to go for day 2. You don’t get more free product, it’s just if you missed getting a few on day 1.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good

  • Makeup EVERYWHERE! Literally a candy store lol
  • Meeting new people with the same interest
  • The excitement
  • The music
  • Full size product freebies
  • Meeting influencers in-person
  • Free swag
  • The perfect selfie backdrops
  • Learning about new brands and their products
  • The fashion and makeup of the attendees

The bad

  • Lineups
  • Some of the freebies are generic/’one shade for all’ and don’t complement all skin tones

The ugly

  • The long, long, LONG lineups


I ended up spending $200 CAD on my ticket but it was worth it when you factor in the price value of all the beauty and skincare products you get for “free” (I mean hello! Full-size MAC lipsticks are how much already?!).

Would I go again? Yes, but this time I’d go to the US Generation Beauty.

Check out my video below of highlights from the day!


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