5 Major Lessons for 2018

We are stepping into a new year, and I am determined for this one to be better than the last. In 2017, I’ve had some achievements and a lot of setbacks, to say the least, but I am learning from my mistakes and moving forward to success. I’m sharing some major tips on how you (and I :p) can improve for 2018!

5 Major Lessons for 2018

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Think, will this matter one year from now? If not, don’t worry about it! Put your energy and focus on what really matters.
  2. Do your ‘due diligence’. Don’t just accept things at face value, or assume people have your best interests at heart. More often than not, they don’t. If you are committing to something or going to into business with someone. DO YOUR homework.
    1. Example: If you want to start a business with your best friend but you know that person if flakey and does not pay their bills on time or at all. Don’t go into business with them. Don’t ignore the signs and then be surprised when things don’t work out.
    2. Example 2: If you want to go to a specific school abroad because your friend said it’s in a great country or the school is good. Do your own research- thoroughly. Make sure the country is great FOR YOU.
    3. Example 3: Never sign up to anything without doing a google search. Make sure you get the whole picture before committing and make sure it makes sense with your future goals and life state at the moment.
  3. Don’t make something an issue before it’s even had a chance to be. I’m so guilty of this LOL. Something will come up that isn’t even a sure thing and worry if it will work out or not. In the end, it may not even happen at all. All that energy spent on worrying about nothing lol.
  4. Keep track of your sources of income and expenses. Whatever it is you want to do or want to travel to, make sure the numbers add up. Make sure you’re making the income you need to buy what you want to buy or want to go. Do not overspend.
    1. Example 1: If you plan to travel to Australia in December, and you need a certain amount of money by then but you’re not making enough a month, don’t just assume the money will just come. Actively do what you can to get the money you need.
  5. Don’t get comfortable. If you have a goal, don’t let anything slow you down or make you forget about it. It’s so easy to make excuses to yourself as to why you are ok where you are in life or why you just ‘can’t’ do what you want to do. This is NOT true. Keep your end goals in mind.

Above all else, you have one life to live. Live it doing (mostly) the things you WANT and NEED to do. When you reflect back on your life, do you want to remember the time you REALLY wanted live in Costa Rica for a year but didn’t because you wanted to stay close to home? OR do you want to remember the time you went to Costa Rica, had a blast, learned new things, came out of your comfort zone, made new friends,  AND came back home to tell all your friends and family about it? I know, I know, sometimes it isn’t so black and white, but so what? Make it black and white. Make it happen. Seriously.


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